centor-india-webAn Introduction – India

Centor India is focused on finding practical, innovative solutions for problems that grower’s face, by bringing new technologies to the table, using seed in the first instance as the delivery vehicle to improve all aspects of production from start to finish.

Our seed applied polymer products result in value adding in one of its simplest forms through the use of high quality filmcoats, encrustments and pelleting, under our Seedworx and Ezi-COTE range, with the technology, equipment, machinery and customer service to bring it all together.






Latest Developments

Latest innovations in seed technology – APSA

Latest innovations in seed technology – APSA

Centor Oceania believes in providing the best seed improvement technologies to assist with worldwide food production. As part of a global group, we stay at the leading edge, testing & developing new products in our R&D labs.

We invite you to see the latest in polymer seed coatings, biologicals, seed treatment machinery, analytical and drying equipment.

Don’t miss out, visit our exhibition stand at B26, where you can discover the latest innovations in seed technologies. If you would like to make an appointment to speak with one of our specialists during APSA, or any other time, please email info@centoroceania.com.com

Seed Meets Technology 2018

Seed Meets Technology 2018

At Seed Meets Technology later in September, Eric Juckers from Centor Europe will have an exhibition stand which will be accompanied by Simon Watt representing Centor Oceania.

We look forward to meeting all those interested in seed improvement technologies, in particular seed coating materials. The focus will be around the trend towards greener materials as well as organically certified products.

Visit our stand #27 at SMT 2018 and allow yourself to enter the new world of Seed Coating and Bio-Based polymers, ready to use seed encrusting and pelleting material, novel Drychain TM technology and various other seed technology products and services.

If you would like to set up a meeting prior to the event then please get in touch.

www.centoreu.com      Eric Juckers  info@agricsct.com      Simon Watt swatt@centoroceania.com

Playing our part to help Aussie farmers

Playing our part to help Aussie farmers

The state of New South Wales is 100% in drought as is a lot of rural Australia. Farmers are struggling with failing crops, low water supply and diminishing livestock feed. From ground level, the earth looks a brown dust bowl.

After reading and seeing the plight of Australian farmers who are destroying their cattle and some being forced off their land, Centor Oceania has made a donation which will help to contribute to this most worthy cause in support of Australia’s rural communities and Aussie farmers.

As part of an ongoing commitment, Centor Oceania will also contribute a percentage of all domestic sales to this fantastic “Buy a Bale” campaign.

If you would like to donate, please visit https://www.buyabale.com.au


It’s tough out there!

It’s tough out there!

Give young rhizobium a good start in life with BIO FRIENDLY 1 polymer which is designed to give superior protection to seed applied rhizobia. BIO FRIENDLY 1 can be used with both liquid and peat rhizobia products and can be used for film coating, encrustment and pelleting.

Suitable for both small and large seed legumes. BIO FRIENDLY 1 not only has great binding properties, but has superior attributes when it comes to extending the longevity of rhizobia on treated seed.

Contact info@centoroceania.com for more details.