Seed Treatment Machinery

Through our Centor Group members we manufacture an extensive range of in-house designed and engineered seed treatment equipment.

These range from small lab coaters for treating a few hundred grams of seed to state-of-the-art, fully automated coating machinery capable of many tonnes per hour in sophisticated, automated facilities. We can also offer a complete turnkey solution.

Our global network of “hands on” professionals possess experience and expertise in seed treatment and coating technologies, and are ready to ensure your success by providing you with customised solutions.


Rotary Coaters

Rotary coating equipment, developed during the last two decades, has become the standard for efficient and accurate coating needs in the seed industry.

The principle is based on a mixer, not using any paddles, augers or any other moving part that may have a mechanical impact on the seed.

Listed below is the range available from Centor Oceania.


Lab Coaters

Centor Oceania can provide compact laboratory coating lines designed for short production runs or developmental work. Please contact us with your specific needs.


Pan Coaters

The pan coater is a machine used for manual coating of small seed lots. The pan coater is equipped with a specially segmented drum for optimal material movement and mixing during the process.

Available in different sizes and capacities, if coating automatically or higher capacities are required, we recommend having a closer look at our coating equipment.


Seed Sorters

Centor Oceania are able to manufacture, export, and supply a wide range of Seed Sorter Machines. Our sorters are tested by quality specialists which ensure their performance and functionality is at a very high standard. Centor Oceania’s Seed Sorters can be customised at affordable rates.

Cylinder Sorters


Digital Sorter


Reciprocating Sorter

Microsoft Word - RS480_INFOSHEET.docx

The CSS-400 is a sieving system which calibrates with a rotating cylinder. This machine is often used in pelleting processes to calibrate the pellets by their shape.

The power of the machine is a simple design, and the ‘no-tool’ sieve changing. This highly flexible and simply design makes this machine perfect for pelleting processes.

This system consists of a rapid digital image analysis unit and a fully automatic rapid mechanical separating system.

The image analysis unit can be made available separately, so that quality control can be tested and selected according to relevant criteria (length, width, symmetry, curves, twists, surface, dents, colour-spots, etc.), before investing in a sophisticated separating system.

Automatic hand sieve for our standard wooden framed 480mmx480mm sieves. The new design of the RS480 reduces the noise, and makes the placing of the bins much easier.

This sieve is designed to quickly separate doubles / blinds from good pellets during the pelleting process (in order to be able to come close to 100% recovery i.e. 1.000.000 seeds will give 1.000.000 pellets).

Data Sheets – Cylinder Sorter

Data Sheets – Digital Sorters
iXeed Sorter

Data Sheets – Reciprocating Sorter

Calibration Units


The calibration units are available in two standard models. The KBU and the KBO versions.

The main difference between the two models is that the KBU sieves the throughput of sieve one on the second sieve, and the KBO sieves the overflow of sieve one on the second sieve.

For further information, please refer to the information leaflets below.

Belt Separators


Our Belt Separator system was the first with a horizontal transport on the belt. Because of this design, the seeds do not fall on top of the sorting direction. This makes the system more accurate and gives a better separating result.

The Belt Separator can be used with a wide range of seeds. With sugar beet seed, for example, the capacity of the belt separator is more than 300% higher than the conventional vertical belt sorting system. A security glass plate prevents the seeds from jumping on the belt, thereby making the process even more accurate.

Data Sheets – Calibration Units
KBU 800
KBO 280
KBO 1000

Data Sheets – Belt Separators
BS 1
BS 3