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Seed technology comes in many different forms; the Centor Group is able to cover this wide range to offer better services and products that integrate.

To complement our existing range of SeedworxTM polymers we can also offer customised seed coating materials whether your requirement is for film-coating, encrusting or pelleting. Seed treatment machinery from simple manual pan coaters to the more advance fully automated rotary coating systems form part of the Centor Group’s product offering, including seed dryers; from batch to continuous systems. Analytical classification and sorting equipment which work on chlorophyll content, or more visual cues such as size, shape and colour are available, as well as density sorting equipment. If you have an interest in seed vigour then the VIM oxygen use analyser or the Mobile Chlorophyll Analyser (MCA) might be of more interest. Data loggers, from single-use, through temp and RH USB devices to full systems to help with your data collection needs, or those with Wi-Fi connections, suitable for use in tough conditions.

We look forward to seeing you at our booths 604 & 605 at ISF in Brisbane where you can experience the latest innovations in seed technologies. If you would like to speak with one of our specialists please email us at info@centoroceania.com and we can arrange an appointment or feel free to browse our website at www.centorgroup.com