Do you know what the biggest, unavoidable cost for seed companies is?

Is it personnel, R&D, travel or legal? None of these, it’s actually inventory write off. Seed companies destroy between 30% – 60% of their inventory each year, just because the seed is obsolete or more often, unsuitable for sale.

Learn how to rescue your seeds by registering for the SeedResQ course which will be held in Thailand from 17th – 28th October, 2016. This course will cover areas of; how to keep your seed alive and in good shape for as long as possible; how to identify seed that will deteriorate the quickest, and why; how to minimise further deterioration and slow down the aging; and how to save and sort the best seeds our of a bad seed lot.

As spaces are limited to 16, bookings are on a “first in, first served” basis, so be quick. If you require a registration form email or contact Christine on 03 8779 2103. SeedResQ course outline