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Centor India is focused on finding practical, innovative solutions for problems that grower’s face, by bringing new technologies to the table, using seed in the first instance as the delivery vehicle to improve all aspects of production from start to finish.

Our seed applied polymer products result in value adding in one of its simplest forms through the use of high quality filmcoats, encrustments and pelleting, under our Seedworx and Ezi-COTE range, with the technology, equipment, machinery and customer service to bring it all together.

Indian Seed Congress 2020

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CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO have a dust off test to improve your seed coat?

Centor Oceania offers a treated seed dust off measurement service, using the Heubach Dustmeter. Seed is placed into a chamber which is rotated while air is being pulled across the tumbling seed. Measurement of the amount of dust can be taken to accurately determine how well the coating is adhered to the seed surface.

Proud to be a sponsor

Proud to be a sponsor

Centor Oceania is very excited and proud to be a Corporate Sponsor of the Australian Seed Federation for 2021. We have worked closely with many seed companies across the whole of Australia for many years and see that sponsoring the ASF in this way is a great opportunity to show our support.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with all involved in the Australian seed industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us or browse our website.

Welcome to our new Operations Administrator

Conor Sollitt

Conor has international experience in various co-ordination, administration and sales roles but is new to the agriculture and seed industry.

Originating from the UK, Conor’s most recent role was in the automotive industry in New Zealand, but has since moved permanently to Melbourne to live with his partner.

He is looking forward to learning about the seed industry in detail whilst co-ordinating the administrative and logistical procedures to help grow Centor Oceania.

Don’t hesitate to contact Conor and make his acquaintance or ask any questions.

Contact details:  Mob: (+61) 419 694 616   E: csollitt@centoroceania.com



Congratulations and farewell Gobitha

Congratulations and farewell Gobitha

Gobitha Gowrishan is the recent candidate who completed her internship at Centor Oceania, starting in Nov 2019 to March 2020. During her internship, she got training in the number of standard laboratory techniques practiced by Centor Oceania in germination testing and relevant protocols as well as polymer development procedures and testing methods.

In the germination lab, she familiarised with the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) procedures in seed germination testing. She now is capable of selecting procedures according to the seed type, germination under ideal and stress conditions, preparation of substrates/trays according to the method, handling of incubators, and how to do final counting according to ISTA method. She also gained experience in phytotoxicity tests and vigour analysis as well as experience in how to conduct small pot trials, how to maintain them and how to take plant measurements.

Working to help develop seed coating formulations, Gobitha also acquired hands-on experience in formulation chemistry and seed coating, as well as analyses in-pot (e.g. storage tests, pH, viscosity, etc.) and on-seed (e.g. dust-off, seed flow, etc.).

We wish Gobitha well in her chosen field.