Centor Oceania now offers a treated seed dust off measurement service, using the Heubach dustmeter seed is placed into a chamber which is rotated while air is being pulled across the tumbling seed. Measurement of the amount of dust can be taken to accurately determine how well the coating is adhered to the seed surface.

Results will be given from:

Standard dust test conducted according to ESA rules*, 3 repetitions (300g seed)

Extended dust test conducted according to Centor Oceania# protocol (300g seed)

Available to test seed already coated at customer facility, or if preferred with supply of seed (2kg) and active ingredients and polymer, can be treated at our facility for tests at T0 and T24.

A report showing the figures and a graphical breakdown of the data shall be sent once the tests are completed. Seed can either be returned in a pre-paid bag (if restrictions do not apply) or can be destroyed on site.

*ESA – European Seed Association – only some seed types   # will be described in the report