Seed Drying

We offer the best solutions for drying, storing, maximising and rescuing your seeds at an affordable price. Just as there are many different types of seed coatings, there are also a great number of seed drying methods. Centor Oceania offers solutions for drying all types of seed and coatings, from the pure simplicity and brilliance of drying beads, through to the high efficiency / large volume drying of the Rotary Fluid Bed units.



Rotary Fluid Bed Dryers


Continuous Fluid Bed drying without a vibration system.

Today’s challenge is how to maintain the advantage provided by the high output of the rotary coating systems with an efficient continuous drying system. Patented technology gives us the option of adding a continuous fluid bed dryer to rotary coaters either new or existing. RFBD systems are available in various sizes – we can custom build a system to suit your needs.

Fluid Bed Mini Dryer


Simple and easy drying of small seed lots.

The Fluid Bed Mini Dryer is one of our most flexible dryers available, it can be deployed everywhere in your company where a power connection is available.

Fluid Bed Lab Dryer


New design for a larger capacity and easy to handle.

The FBL is one of our smallest dryers, found in many seed coating / pelleting laboratories.

It is specially made to dry small seed lots using the fluid bed principle.

Technical Data Sheets
Fluid Bed Mini Dryer

Technical Data Sheets
Fluid Bed Lab Dryer

ICD Systems


Fast and easy continuous coating and drying your seed.

Introducing the ICD system, which is a perfect system when coat ing with high slurry loads. The design, based on the conventional pelleting pan, has gentle seed handling characteristics and is easy to clean. The gentle seed handling is important, as this coating method is less burdensome to specific crops, such as beans.

This ICD-system is very suitable for high loading of crop protection and / or polymer slurries on small vegetable seeds.

The capacity of the system is 35-40L / batch and the actual capacity depends on your slurry load and drying requests. A 100-200ml slurry load typically takes approx. 20 minute.

IRCD Systems


Automatic coating / pelleting / encrusting and drying system.

Since the development of rotary coating equipment, many conventional seed dressing systems have been replaced by state-of-the-art pesticide application principles.

The IRCD system has been designed for high loads and / or fragile seeds, using combined system of coating / drying in one machine.

The IRCD systems offer a combined application using the rotary coating principle and its unique, connected non-vibration fluidised bed system and is capable of handling pelleting, encrusting and film coating processes rapidly.


Static Dryers

Fast and easy drying your seed.

For batch drying of treated seed of all types. The hinged aluminium tray has a stainless steel mesh base with high sides and a tapered exit chute so that when the tray is tipped forwards the seeds can easily be collected in a bucket sitting in the placement area below. Available as a single or double static dryer where the two sides operate independently.


Technical Data Sheets
ICD System
ICD 350 System

Technical Data Sheets
IRCD 600 System
IRCD 800 System




DryStore ®

The DryStore is a new product with a smart, simple design that would fit right into the agricultural space and environment anywhere in the world.

Based on Drying Beads ® technology, it is intended for dry and storage purposes but with many uses; for seed drying, seed storage, anti-moisture, anti-mold, storing cameras, video recorders, computer magnetic discs, audio and videos products, and more.

DryStore 2017

Drying Beads


Drying Beads® are a crystalline type of clay and thus almost indestructible. They contain pores with a very precise pore size (3Å) and can therefore only absorb water molecules. They are very hygroscopic, and absorb water very fast even in low relative water vapor (or low RH systems).

This is also the major difference with other systems such as silica-gel. This characteristic makes the beads very useful in drying seeds and other agricultural products.

Drying Beads can be re-activated, find out how.


Drum Dry


DrumDry® is a vessel which can be used to dry and store seeds under optimal conditions, and give a “color” warning if the seed moisture content inside the drum increases.

Seed moisture content will come to equilibrium with the relative humidity (RH) of their environment, which is the reason when seeds are dried and stored out in the open, they will re-absorb water until they reach equilibrium.

Sizes available: • 50 L • 100 L 200 L