Seed Treatment Machinery

Through our Centor Group members we manufacture an extensive range of in-house designed and engineered seed treatment equipment.

These range from small lab coaters for treating a few hundred grams of seed to state-of-the-art, fully automated coating machinery capable of many tonnes per hour in sophisticated, automated facilities. We can also offer a complete turnkey solution.

Our global network of “hands on” professionals possess experience and expertise in seed treatment and coating technologies, and are ready to ensure your success by providing you with customised solutions.


Rotary Coaters

Rotary coating equipment, developed during the last two decades, has become the standard for efficient and accurate coating needs in the seed industry.

The principle is based on a mixer, not using any paddles, augers or any other moving part that may have a mechanical impact on the seed.

Listed below is the range available from Centor Oceania.

Lab Coaters

Centor Oceania can provide compact laboratory coating lines designed for short production runs or developmental work. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Pan Coaters

The pan coater is a machine used for manual coating of small seed lots. The pan coater is equipped with a specially segmented drum for optimal material movement and mixing during the process.

Available in different sizes and capacities, if coating automatically or higher capacities are required, we recommend having a closer look at our coating equipment.