Continuous improvement in agriculture means that nothing ever stays the same; this is certainly true for seed treatments and coatings. At Centor Oceania, our aim is to stay ahead of the curve in terms of coating developments for materials, equipment and analytics. Over the past few years we have introduced into our laboratory the most relevant and latest technologies for seed coatings. The Heubach dustmeter for measuring fine dusts given off by treated seed means we have been able to develop highly effective polymers, as well as assist customers with their application regimes. The lab flowmeter was an in-house development to accurately measure seed flow for small samples of coated seed. Complimented by a plantability test stand that utilises the SeedSense monitor for precise measurement of seed placement under a variety of conditions, all this is just part of a larger picture.

IMPROVEMENTS TO DUST: The real trends in the seed coating market have been towards low dust products which help improve safety for all those handling the seed but also mean the effectiveness of the seed treatment itself is maintained. read more…Seed Coating Technologies