Strike a great deal during April and May, 2017 – order minimum 200kgs of either BioFriendly 1 or Flare 3 and you’ll receive a scorching 10% off. Why not beat the price rise and place an order today.

BioFriendly 1 can be used with both liquid and peat rhizobia products and can be used for filmcoating, encrustment and pelleting. Suitable for both small and large seed legumes. BioFriendly 1 not only has great binding properties, but has superior attributes when it comes to extending the longevity of rhizobia on treated seed.

Flare 3 is ideally suited to coating on corn seed in combination with fungicides and or insecticides. Flare 3 has one of the lowest dust-off profiles available in the market today, producing results well below accepted standard in the seed treatment industry.

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