Gobitha Gowrishan is the recent candidate who completed her internship at Centor Oceania, starting in Nov 2019 to March 2020. During her internship, she got training in the number of standard laboratory techniques practiced by Centor Oceania in germination testing and relevant protocols as well as polymer development procedures and testing methods.

In the germination lab, she familiarised with the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) procedures in seed germination testing. She now is capable of selecting procedures according to the seed type, germination under ideal and stress conditions, preparation of substrates/trays according to the method, handling of incubators, and how to do final counting according to ISTA method. She also gained experience in phytotoxicity tests and vigour analysis as well as experience in how to conduct small pot trials, how to maintain them and how to take plant measurements.

Working to help develop seed coating formulations, Gobitha also acquired hands-on experience in formulation chemistry and seed coating, as well as analyses in-pot (e.g. storage tests, pH, viscosity, etc.) and on-seed (e.g. dust-off, seed flow, etc.).

We wish Gobitha well in her chosen field.