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Pasture Seed Crop Solutions

Pasture Crop Solutions
Crop Solutions

There are many types of pasture seed grown around the world and in many shapes and sizes like Clover, Legumes, Temperate Grasses, Brassicas, Herbs and Tropical Grasses. They all may need a different kind of coat applied like Film Coat, Pelleting or Encrusting.

So when applying a polymer to your seed it’s not as straight forward as you think, you may want to add rhizobia, nutrients, products that protect against biting and sucking insects or fungal diseases or you may want to create a build up to help with your application either through your drill or out of an aircraft.


So whatever you need. make sure you make the right polymer choice.

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PASTURE seed coating solutions


CLOVER Seed Coating Solutions
Pasture Crop Solutions
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