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Seed Consulting Services

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Consulting Centor Oceania

If you have a specific issue you would like addressed we can go further than the offering of simple services we can are able to look in-depth at any seed improvement technology and give you the benefit of decades of experience from within our organisation.


We understand the business from many different aspects, whether it is the treating equipment, process, or a germination or biological issue.


We can build complete solutions or assist with just parts of your operation.


Centor Oceania is an independently owned and operated business servicing the Asia Pacific in all aspects of seed applied technology.


Working closely with seed companies to better understand their individual needs and requirements, Centor Oceania takes the approach of tailoring solutions to problems rather than offering a one size fits all approach. To better understand this, it’s helpful to know that the origins of the company was originally in the toll treatment of seed for its customers, so we understand the seed treatment process very well, including all the challenges that go with it.


Centor Oceania is not an offshoot of a larger manufacturer of unrelated products; our nucleus stems from the seed industry.


At the very heart of what we do is Research and Development. A dedicated team of PhD qualified scientists work diligently to develop and strengthen what we offer, but more importantly create new and innovative ways to improve and advance the finished product for our customers.


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