Seed Enhancement & Analytical Equipment

Centor Oceania understand that in order for growers to obtain the highest yield, a good crop start is required. We have equipment to help you monitor and maximise your crop management production systems and harvest timing to ensure the highest seed vigor and quality. Additionally, we can assist you with decisions in the optimisation of your seed cleaning, grading and sorting equipment. Centor Oceania can help you maintain your seeds yield potential from planting through to harvest with the world’s best stock management and monitoring, including “state of the art” drying technologies. Please contact us for further information at

Video Meter

VideoMeter – agri edition

The Videometer – Multispectral Vision System, is a vision-based laboratory equipment designed for fast and accurate determination of surface color and chemical composition. Applications:

  • Technical characteristics tools
  • Seed health tools
  • Seed treatment tools
  • Seed vigor and germination tools
  • Microbiology tools


Video Meter

Lab FlowTek

Would you like to measure seed flow using small amounts of seed?

Centor Oceania has developed a lab scale seed flowability tester which can do just that, by using the flow meter you can distinguish between seed treatments with a high degree of accuracy.

Seed Flow can be used as an indicator for:

  • How quickly seed will pass through equipment
  • If there will be any issues with bridging in hoppers
  • Gauging plantability in the field
  • What level of abrasion can be expected


Q2 System

VIM Technology

VIM Technology – A single-seed oxygen consumption system is an efficient way to determine seed germination. This system measures the oxygen consumption of individual seeds and correlates respiration rate to the germination and vigor characteristics of the seed.


  • Practical germination alternative
  • Storability selection in the warehouse and intake
  • In-depth view of any seed lot

Assessment of:

  • Quality and Vigor
  • Water Stress
  • Temperature
  • Seed Treatments
  • Storage Life
Data Logger

Data Logger 

USB Temperature and humidity data logger

The data logger is used to monitor, then verify humidity for temperature sensitive goods, equipment, laboratory areas etc in the warehouses, greenhouses, shipping, and much more.

The user simply plugs in the data logger into a PC/s USB port without any cables. USB driver and DGraphTM software is included.

The data logger has an easy to use graph, with instant read-out on each moment (pointer data).


  • Used as a seed storage logger to check temperature differences
  • Used as a seed storage logger to check relative humidity during seed storage
  • Used during seed production to indicate temperature & RH
  • Used as a logger during transport to check possible quality loss
RR Moisture

RR Moisture

The RR Moisture is most important when it comes to seed quality. Measuring seed moisture content has always been a difficult and time consuming task, but with our the use of our RR Moisture water activity is determined without any fuss.


  • Simple and quick method
  • Can be used for coated, encrusted and pelleted seeds
  • Provides information on water status in the seed
  • Determine the moisture in the seed for short and long term storage

Mobile Chlorophyll Analyser (MCA)

The Mobile Chlorophyll Analyser is a compact instrument that determines quickly, the maturity of seeds through chlorophyll fluorescence. The seeds are placed in a aluminium tray and within minutes results are shown. This machine can be used in the production field, a seed processing plant, warehouse or in a seed laboratory. Chlorophyll level on a seed is linked to the maturity of that seed, and this maturity determines the potential of germination, vigour and shelf life of the seed.


  • Measurement of a true single seeds
  • Fast and precise
  • Truly mobile
  • Low quality seeds can be identified