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A company glimpse

Working closely with seed companies to better understand their individual needs & requirements,

Centor Oceania takes the approach of tailoring solutions to problems rather than offering a one size fits all approach, in other words, helping transform ideas into successful business.

Centor Oceania is an independently owned and operated business servicing the Asia Pacific in all aspects of seed applied technology.

To better understand this, it’s helpful to know the company’s origin was originally in the toll treatment of seed for its customers, so we understand the seed treatment process very well, including all the challenges that go with it.

A key focus for our polymer coating business is to offer our customers an environmentally friendly or bio-degradable option, whilst also ensuring that we maintain our very high quality standards.

With Seedworx and Ezi-Cote material ranges you have a series of world class solutions for:

  • Filmcoating

  • Encrustment

  • Pelleting

Offering solutions for:

  • Seed Coating 

  • Seed Coating Machinery

  • Analytical Equipment

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK at our product offerings, or if you require a solution for a particular crop, then check out our Crop Solutions page.  

Proven Performance

There are many advantages of teaming up with Centor Oceania with our wide range of product offerings in our seed coatings portfolio or add on value with analytical equipment, seed analysis or seed treatment machinery.

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Best Advice

Centor Oceania can provide you with a solution to your seed coating polymer application needs, and provide you the best independent advice on how to get the most from your coatings.

Specialised testing for all aspects of the seed coating materials, with equipment specially designed by the research team at

Centor Oceania meaning that the polymers we offer have already been tested for appearance, dust reduction, flowability, plantability and the many other functions where these products perform.

If you are still not sure that our polymers, powder blends or colours are for you, we can carry out comprehensive testing to show the difference in effectiveness between your current polymers and those on offer from Centor Oceania.  

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Our Crop Solutions

Centor Oceania specialises in developing cutting edge seed coating materials which provide a range of benefits, they are often used in combination with a range of active packages, but also can also be used on their own.

For a breakdown of the products available and to better understand their features for a particular crop, please view the section dedicated to that crop on our website - CLICK HERE

Each crop has a range of filmcoating materials, powder blends, colour and biostimulants, that are tailored around its specific needs.


Centor Oceania corporate brochure.png
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